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Since the program’s inception in 2001, 172 skilled graduate students have served nearly 80 public and nonprofit organizations in the Lehigh Valley through the Community Fellows Program.
Since 2012, Community Fellows have served the following partners (click on an agency name to learn more about these students’ experiences):

Renew Lehigh Valley (RenewLV)
Kate worked for Renew Lehigh Valley (RenewLV), an advocacy organization committed to bringing Smart Growth principles to the Lehigh Valley. While diving into all facets of local government and politics, she worked on promoting the organization's goals of farmland preservation, food sustainability, smart transportation, and education and awareness. She was also involved in large-scale event planning, social media expansion, website development, and community organizing.
Renew Lehigh Valley (RenewLV)
Rachel is a Community Fellow with Renew Lehigh Valley (RenewLV), an organization committed to promoting smart growth and smart governance in order to revitalize our core communities, preserve open space, and establish an economically and environmentally sustainable foundation for our region’s future growth. Over the course of the next year Rachel will be working to mobilize community support for the creation of Pennsylvania’s first bi-county health department; to advance land-use and planning approaches that promote urban revitalization and vibrant, mixed-use neighborhoods; foster collaborative approaches to managing the region’s water and wastewater resources and infrastructure; and to modernize how local communities are governed through state-wide collaboration. Rachel is an M.A. candidate in Political Science.
Renew Lehigh Valley (RenewLV)
Brittany is a Community Fellow with Renew Lehigh Valley (RenewLV), an organization committed to promoting smart growth, smart governance and revitalizing our core communities.  Over the course of the next year Brittany will be working on EnvisionLV, a sustainable growth planning project focused on access to fresh food, transportation and an employment-housing balance, aided by catalytic economic development projects. Renew’s role in the grant is to coordinate public outreach and Brittany will be organizing public meetings, updating social media outlets, designing marketing, as well as furthering Renew’s other revitalization efforts by researching sustainable growth, writing Renew’s blog, conducting surveys and preparing assessment reports. Brittany is an M.A. candidate in Political Science.

Community Fellows Profiles Listed by Year

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