Welcome to the Community Fellows Program!

The Community Fellows Program is designed to support partnerships between Lehigh University and local public and non-profit entities that are active in community and economic development.  The program is ideal for students who are interested in rigorous academic training combined with meaningful, community-based work experience. 
Community Fellows work for a participating agency for fifteen hours per week while taking classes toward a graduate degree in Environmental Policy, Political Science, or Public Policy.  Fellows receive academic credit for their agency work, making it possible for them to earn their master’s degree in just one year (two academic semesters and the following summer). 
Students awarded a Community Fellowship are only financially responsible for nine credits of graduate school tuition, payable in three installments:  three credits are due in the fall, three in the spring, and three in the summer.  The Fellowship covers those tuition costs associated with the remaining 21 credits (thanks to support from both Lehigh University and partner agencies).  
Applicants to the graduate programs in Environmental Policy and Political Science who are interested in a Community Fellowship should submit a letter indicating their interest in a fellowship as part of their application. Please see the Environmental Policy and Political Science websites for more information. 
Initial planning for the Community Fellows Program was made possible through funding from the Pennsylvania Campus Compact (PACC) and the Corporation for National Service.

A short overview of the Community Fellows Program at Lehigh University, a great way to combine a graduate degree in Environmental Policy, Public Policy, or Political Science with an in-depth, year-long placement with one of our community partners.