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Since the program’s inception in 2001, 172 skilled graduate students have served nearly 80 public and nonprofit organizations in the Lehigh Valley through the Community Fellows Program.
Since 2012, Community Fellows have served the following partners (click on an agency name to learn more about these students’ experiences):

City of Bethlehem, Department of Community and Economic Development
Leah is a Community Fellow with the City of Bethlehem’s Department of Community and Economic Development, working to help implement some of the City’s major objectives including Northside 2027, blight remediation, climate action planning, and establishment of proposed student housing policy. Leah is utilizing ArcGIS as a mapping tool to provide visuals that reveal the story behind numerical data to better inform policy decisions made by the city. She has also assisted in the completion of several grant applications including the 2019 PA Housing Affordability and Rehabilitation Enhancement Fund (PHARE) and PennDOT Multimodal Transportation Fund (MTF) Grants. Leah is an M.A. Candidate in the Environmental Policy Program, with a concentration in Urban Policy and Planning.
City of Bethlehem, Department of Community and Economic Development
Jackie focused her Community Fellowship on Northside 2027, a neighborhood revitalization plan for an area on Bethlehem’s north side. Jackie helped organize public meetings, and helped create and facilitate working groups on housing and walkability. Jackie also assisted the Bethlehem Environmental Advisory Council, serving on a subcommittee for waste reduction, and will develop plans to engage community members in energy efficiency activities and education.
City of Bethlehem, Department of Community and Economic Development
Michael was tasked with helping the City fill vacant residential and commercial buildings. He analyzed public records, mapped various indicators of distress, and attended monthly Blight Steering Committee meetings. He also contributed to economic development, aiding in efforts to recruit new businesses. Michael’s work informed policymakers and helped shape the City’s approach to blighted property.
City of Bethlehem, Department of Community and Economic Development
Kali worked on Bethlehem’s efforts to reduce blight and raise the standard for quality housing in the city. This required collecting, analyzing and mapping a range of data, researching best practices from other communities engaged in similar work, and making comprehensive policy recommendations to city staff and elected officials.
City of Bethlehem, Department of Community and Economic Development
Jenny’s Community Fellowship involved collecting, analyzing and mapping data about the City’s housing stock and housing trends. This information helped city staff assess various housing programs and set goals for the future. Additionally, Jenny researched potential partnerships, similar communities and additional funding sources that could assist with the City’s objectives.

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