Community Fellows and Projects - 2013-2014

Joseph Celentano

Bethlehem Area School District
Joseph worked at the central offices of the Bethlehem Area School District, where he coordinated communications, organized events, and provided feedback on school district policy. He wrote op-eds with the superintendent and profiles of programs administered at the local schools. He also prepared multiple legislative briefs and presentations for the administration, the school board, and teachers.

Sara Fiorot

St. Luke’s University Health Network, Community Health Department
Sara worked closely with the Hispanic Center of the Lehigh Valley on promoting health equity in the local community. Her work included assisting with strategic planning, capacity building, and data analysis. She also helped develop a new program aimed at increasing the engagement of fathers in their children’s lives, and with the St. Luke’s Community Health Needs Assessment.

Gabriel Hurtado

West End Alliance
Gabe worked with the West End Alliance, a 501(c)(3) organization that looks to stimulate revitalization in the West End Theatre District of Allentown through the support of local businesses and by promoting a pedestrian-friendly community atmosphere. Gabe’s main responsibilities included interacting with stakeholders, promoting business development, managing electronic media content, preparing budgets, supporting community events, strengthening the organization’s master plan, and facilitating neighborhood outreach.

Natalie LaVan

Family Answers, Inc. and Pinebrook Family Services
Natalie served not one, but two Lehigh Valley nonprofit human service organizations: Family Answers, Inc. and Pinebrook Family Services. She reviewed their policies, procedures, communications and other administrative work; met with board members and staff; and developed and implemented recommendations for each organization to strengthen their operations and efficacy.

Ybelka Medina

United Way’s Alliance on Aging
Ybelka’s main role was planning, implementing and launching the Alliance’s version of the Gatekeepers Program. The program uses non-traditional referral sources (community members whose jobs put them in contact with older adults, such as grocery store clerks or postal employees) to identify and refer isolated older adults who are not connected to non-profit or government programs, so they can receive the services they need to stay in their homes. She met with community focus groups, created a presentation and training guide, as well as marketing materials, for this program.

Gelmar Orestes Moraga Fernández

Lafayette College’s Landis Center for Community Engagement
Gelmar worked with Lafayette College’s Landis Center for Community Engagement, fostering community partnerships between the college and the cities of Easton and Phillipsburg. As a Community Fellow, he facilitated student-led programing and aided in collecting and analyzing data to expand civic engagement among students.

Andrew Rigotti

Lehigh Valley Community Land Trust (LVCLT)
Andy worked for the Lehigh Valley Community Land Trust (LVCLT), an organization committed to providing affordable homeownership to residents of the Lehigh Valley. LVCLT achieves this goal by purchasing houses, renovating the properties, and selling them to potential homeowners while holding the land in trust, ensuring the home remains affordable. Andy’s work at LVCLT included creating and implementing a plan for member development and supporting the Land Trust’s Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation program.

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