John Tamtelen

City Council’s Office, Allentown, PA
John is a Community Fellow for the City Council in the City of Allentown. John serves in the Council Clerk’s office, where he is working to re‐establish the City Youth Council to foster greater communication between the Council and the city’s youth. As part of this long term objective he has been involved with the leaders of recreation and after‐school programs within the city to determine the level of awareness and interest students have for existing programs. He has run focus groups in local schools and organizations, and will provide the city with recommendations about how the city can most effectively address some of its younger population’s more pressing concerns. John has begun to meet with a pilot group of Youth Council members, working with the students to develop the organization's structure and purpose before they begin planning for activities in Fall 2011. John will also assist in the development of the Partnership for Youth website, in conjunction with his Council work. John is an MA candidate in Political Science.