How to Apply

What is the Community Fellows program?
The Community Fellows Program provides students with rigorous academic training in policy and research as well as career-enhancing experiences in regional non-profits, contributing to long-term partnerships between Lehigh and the local community.
Community Fellows work for a participating agency for 15 hours per week while taking classes toward a master’s degree in Environmental Policy, Political Science or Sociology. Fellows receive academic credit for their agency work, allowing them to earn their master’s degree in one full year of work and classes. Fellows focus on completing projects identified and designed by the agencies.
Community Fellows are financially responsible for nine credits of graduate school tuition, payable in three installments. Three credits are due in the fall, three in the spring and three in the summer. All other tuition costs are paid by Lehigh University and partnering non-profit organizations. Financial responsibilities for the Fellowship year are announced every March, and are expected to be similar to the previous year’s three-way funding partnership.
How do I apply?
Students apply directly to the M.A. program in Environmental Policy, Political Science or Sociology and should submit a letter indicating their interest in the Community Fellows Program with those applications. There is no direct application to the Community Fellows Program. Students who are admitted to one of the masters’ programs may then be selected for the Community Fellows Program in which they will be matched to an agency, contingent on availability and mutual interests.
The deadline for applying to Environmental Policy, Political Science or Sociology Masters Programs as a Community Fellow is flexible, although early applications by January 1 will definitely be eligible for university financial aid. After January 15, applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis for admission to the program. Some late opportunities may open in the summer of 2019, and applications must be submitted to the Environmental Policy, Political Science or Sociology to qualify for those Fellowships.
Each department has its own application requirements. Please refer to the individual departmental web sites (links are on the left of this page) for more information about specific requirements and procedures.
If you have further questions, please contact Professor Kim Carrell-Smith or 610-758-3361.