Allison Proswimmer

Lehigh University’s Center for Developing Urban Educational Leaders
Allison is a Community Fellow for Lehigh's Center for Developing Urban Educational Leaders (CDUEL), where her work focuses on Lehigh's Community School Initiative with Broughal Middle School. Broughal is the newest of the Lehigh Valley's twelve Community Schools under the umbrella of COMPASS of the United Way, and Lehigh serves as the "lead partner," providing a variety of academic and after school supports and programming assistance. Allison works with the Community School Coordinator at Broughal where her tasks range from tracking after-school program interest among students to assisting with the management of after school programs. Allison designed a Needs Assessment survey to determine what types of programs adults in the Southside Community are interested in and will be helping to establish and run those programs. Allison will be helping to design and coordinate health-related projects at Broughal executed by Lehigh students in an Introduction to Public Health course this spring. She has also gotten members of the university community involved with Broughal students and their families in a number of programs, and will be developing an annual publicity and marketing strategy for informing Lehigh students, faculty, and staff about opportunities to engage with the Community School. Allison is a M.A. candidate in Sociology.